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CFD Centre is a leading gateway for accessing the world’s financial markets. Our team of market experts tailor strategies according to the unique needs of each and every client.

Take your trading to a better place..

  • Advanced Tools
    Cutting-edge risk management
  • Strong Security
    Trade with peace of mind
  • Versatile
    Trade on any device
  • Extensive
    Trade more than 500 markets

CFD Centre Delivers Market Access

When you open an account with CFD Centre,
you get instant access to more than 500 financial products.

  • Forex
    Trade the world’s currency markets at low cost without incurring commissions
  • Indices
    Trade baskets of the world’s leading stocks and other assets
  • Crypto
    Gain exposure to the best-performing asset class of the past 10+ years
  • Stocks
    CFD Centre provides you with a wide selection of global stocks you can trade. Diversify your trading portfolio with ease.
  • Commodities
    Access a large variety of commodities to trade on the CFD Centre trading platform.

Get Ahead Through Education.

CFD Centre is committed to its clients have a clear understanding of the markets so that they can make informed trading decisions. Our expertise spans stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, indices and commodities.
The educational materials that we offer will help accelerate your learning to ensure that you’re always at the forefront of understanding in the trading domain.

Trade in an Entirely New Way with CFD Centre

CFD Centre is always offering innovative new products. Our most recent financial product offering is exchange trading funds (EFTs) which are essentially bundles of assets with a single price. Gain exposure to bundles of assets and monitor that exposure through a single consolidated asset.